Speaker Faculty | The Municipal Finance Conference

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Michael Piwowar Michael Piwowar
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)


David Abel David Abel
Managing Director
William Blair & Company
Sutirtha Bagchi Sutirtha Bagchi

University of Michigan
Miles Barnett Miles Barnett

Municipal Market Advisors
Michael Baumrin Michael Baumrin

RBC Capital Markets
Daniel Berger Daniel Berger

Thomson Reuters
Daniel Bergstresser Daniel Bergstresser
Associate Professor of Finance
Brandeis International Business School
Evan Bergstrom Evan Bergstrom

Triangle Park Capital Markets Data
Mark Berman Mark Berman
Nixon Peabody LLP
Thad Calabrese Thad Calabrese
Assistant Professor of Finance
New York University
Mark Campbell Mark Campbell

John Chalmers John Chalmers

University of Oregon
Timothy Coffin Timothy Coffin

Breckinridge Capital Advisors
Jess Cornaggia Jess Cornaggia

Georgetown University
Kimberly Cornaggia Kimberly Cornaggia

American University
Gordon Dash Gordon Dash

University of Rhode Island
David De La Nuez David De La Nuez

Intuitive Analytics
Dwight Denison Dwight Denison

University of Kentucky
Robert Donahue Robert Donahue
Managing Director
Municipal Market Analytics
Robert Doty Robert Doty
Roy Eappen Roy Eappen
Municipal Securities Research
Wells Fargo
Todd Ely Todd Ely
Assistant Professor
University of Colorado Denver
Joseph Fichera Joseph Fichera
Saber Partners, LLC
Philip Fischer Philip Fischer
Head of Municipals and Indices Research
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Karen Fitzgerald Karen Fitzgerald
Director, Corporate & Government Ratings
Standard & Poor's Ratings Services
Kurt Forsgren Kurt Forsgren
Managing Director
S&P Global Ratings
Joshua Franzel, PhD Joshua Franzel, PhD
Vice President, Research
Center for State and Local Government Excellence and ICMA Public Policy
George Friedlander George Friedlander
Managing Director and Senior Municipal Strategist
Citigroup Inc.
William Glasgall William Glasgall
Program and Editorial Director, State/Local
The Volcker Alliance
Robert Greer Robert Greer

Department of Public Administration and Policy, University of Georgia
John Hallacy John Hallacy
Managing Director
Assured Guaranty Municipal
Remy Hathaway Remy Hathaway

Prager & Co.
Bart Hildreth Bart Hildreth
Georgia State University
Ryan Dwight Israelsen Ryan Dwight Israelsen

Indiana University
Nina Kajiji Nina Kajiji

University of Rhode Island
Andy Kalotay Andy Kalotay

Andrew Kalotay Associates, Inc.
Sharon Kioko Sharon Kioko

Syracuse University
Mattia Landoni Mattia Landoni
Finance Assistant Professor
Southern Methodist University
Steve Liu Steve Liu

University of Oregon
Colin MacNaught Colin MacNaught
Assistant Treasurer for Debt Management
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Justin Marlowe Justin Marlowe
Endowed Professor of Public Finance and Civic Engagement Faculty
University of Washington
Christopher Mier, CFA Christopher Mier, CFA
Managing Director, Analytical Services Division
Loop Capital Markets
Tima Moldogaziev Tima Moldogaziev
Assistant Professor of Public Finance & Budgeting
University of Georgia
Hector Negroni Hector Negroni
Principal, Co-Founder, Co-Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Investment Officer
Fundamental Credit Opportunities LP
Peter Orr Peter Orr
Intuitive Analytics
James Poterba James Poterba

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mark Robbins Mark Robbins
University of Connecticut
Navin Sharma Navin Sharma
Director, Risk and Quantitative Analysis
Winthrop Smith Winthrop Smith
Win Analytics LLC
James Spiotto James Spiotto
Managing Director
Chapman Strategic Advisors LLC
Michael Stanton Michael Stanton
Head of Corporate Strategy and Communications
Build America Mutual
Greg Usry Greg Usry
Rosemawr Management LLC
Ron Valinoti Ron Valinoti

Triangle Park Capital Markets Data
Domenic Vonella Domenic Vonella

Thomson Reuters MMD
Jay Wang Jay Wang

University of Oregon
Stephan Whitaker Stephan Whitaker
Research Economist
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Stephen Winterstein Stephen Winterstein
Managing Director of Research & Chief Strategist
Wilmington Trust Investment Advisors, Inc.